Brea, a journalist and her boyfriend John are off for a romantic weekend in the mountains. On their way up the coast they stop in a small town and are accosted a group of men on motorcycles. Barely avoiding a fight, Brea and John continue on their trip, unaware that they have inadvertently come into possession of a mobile phone… A mobile phone that the bikers are desperate to retrieve.

Now, alone in the mountains in an isolated rental home, Brea and John must defend themselves against a group of conspirators, who will stop at nothing to get the phone, destroy the evidence it holds and kill anyone who would tell their secrets.


Status: Traffik premiered in theaters on April 20, 2018 and is now available on most streaming or video-on-demand services.


Directed by:
Deon Taylor

Written by:
Deon Taylor

Cinematography by:
Dante Spinotti

Paula Patton
Omar Epps
Luke Gross
Laz Alonso
Roselyn Sanchez
Dawn Olivieri
William Fichtner
Missi Pyle
Lorin McCraley
William W. Barbour
Scott Anthony Leet
September D'Angelo

Produced by:
Roxanne Avent ... producer
Victoria Bullock ... associate producer
Karicean Karen Dick ... associate producer
Heather Kritzer ... line producer
Paula Patton ... producer
Gingi Rochelle ... co-producer
Deon Taylor ... producer

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