The Hustle

The Hustle

Pest exterminators Freddie and Junior keep stumbling into trouble on the job fighting rich ladies, roaches, grumpy pawn shop owners and meter maids when suddenly theyre in way over their heads, owing an Asian Karate World mobster $10,000!

Impossible! Their pest company pay never will cover that kind of debt. And here Freddie was trying to get his life back in order to give his 8-year-old daughter the life she deserves.

Their bad luck seems to turn the next day Freddie and Junior are mistaken as Replacement Ministers at a dying church with an ailing minister. Thats when Freddie gets the big idea. If a glitzy evangelist on TV can rake in big money using religion, maybe this is their ticket to pulling in quick cash fast. All they have to do is win over a smart bronze beauty, heal a homeless man, save a dog, fool an uppity assistant pastor no one likes and get the whole church feelin the spirit.

But can they pull it off?

This sexy, funny comedy of love, laughter and inspiration proves that when you go to this church anything can happen.


Directed by
Deon Taylor

Written by
Sarah Connolly
Diana Erwin
Deon Taylor
Candice Jean Walker

Charles Q. Murphy
Al Shearer
David Alan Grier
Tamala Jones
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister
Kym Whitley
Bai Ling
John Witherspoon
Tony Cox
Brigitte Nielsen
Michael J. Pagan
David Faustino
Darrin Dewitt Henson
Ellia English
Armelia McQueen
Zoe Smith
Roxanne Reese
Clent Bowers
Jeris Poindexter
Charlie Holliday
Shandra Dixon
Mildred Dumas
Adam Busch
Katelyn Moorhouse
Leslie Goodman
Valeria Taylor
David Fine
Kayla Sanchez
Aki Aleong
Dennis Shanahan
Johann Tate
Phil Austin
Freez Luv
Koji Kataoka
Ericka Harden
Niki McElroy
Donald Fullilove
Betty A. Bridges
Anthony Williams II
Kimberly Shay Jones
Jonathan J.T. Jackson
Shaun Grady
Lisa Tucker
Richard Kwong
Big Spence
Matt Thompson
Ray Crockett
Naeem Alvi
Matt Barnick
Roza Calderon
Michael Chen
Ronald Ford
J.T. Jackson
Timothy H. James
Michael Rhys Kan
Rashad Lyons
Christina Marie
Richard Moorhouse
John Norris
Mike Smith
Kelly Symone
Trevon-Toney Walker
Maxine Weldon
Sheila Ellis

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